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R.T.S. company has been profiling itself since the establishment as a supplier of MES systems (Manufacturing Execution Systems). We create communication between enterprise information systems and production control systems.

We have more than 25 years of experience in development and delivery. We know the needs of specific business areas and we use process knowledge and experience from previous projects when creating solutions.

When designing and creating a production information system, we use the experience and knowledge of manufacturing technologies in various industries, especially in metallurgy and engineering.

We have extensive experience for unambiguous identification of materials and products in difficult conditions of heavy industry and metallurgy (eg high temperature, high pressure etc.)

We follow modern technologies and industry trends. We create unique solutions that are based on a thorough analysis of customer needs and we are able to meet their individual needs to help our solutions, focus on meeting the goals and measurable technological and economic benefits.

  • Tailored made IS MES development
  • Our own modular MES system solution
  • Implementation of third party IS
  • Outsourcing of IT specialist
  • Delivery of custom HW solutions
  • Customer support

For more than 25 years we have been developing and implementing production information systems based on our experience in many projects from various manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. We have implemented projects both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Manufacturing information systems enable companies to further streamline production management, quality and degree of documentation, even with the existence of a functional enterprise-wide information system (ERP) and deployed technology automation.

An essential part of the projects is the system integration of enterprise-wide information systems and other systems that solve production with the aim of documenting the production process, which will allow an overall view of production and further data analysis.

Implementation of tailor-made IS includes services of R.T.S. cs spol. s r.o .:

  • Consultancy, analysis and studies of production information systems MES
  • Realization of the solution itself
  • Support and service of production IT
  • Training and seminars

Our many years of experience confirms that the specific requirements of specific manufacturing companies can be conveniently solved by tailor-made applications using standard modules. The functions respect the requirements and operating practices of the end user, while the information system relies on proven products and finished modules.

We offer our own modular MES system solution for manufacturing companies. Based on our collaboration with manufacturing companies, we have developed standard modules that address the manufacturing process from an IT perspective. Standard modules are fully adaptable to the requirements and operating practices of the end user and therefore are fully customizable to client's needs.

An essential part of the projects, is the system integration of existing information systems with the offered modules, primarily with ERP, but also with various other systems such as document management systems, attendance system, etc.

What production requirements are solved by our modules?

RTS MES consists of several customizable modules, which are connected to each other and to the environment using standardized interfaces.

Modules of the production process

      • Process, maintenance and production quality management
      • Tracking - production monitoring (production logistics)
            • Registration of production orders
            • Production process monitoring
            • Production planning and scheduling
            • Production management including production protocol
            • Monitoring of casting components, ladle circulation and enthalpy of the ladle
            • Monitoring of steel casting
            • Material flow monitoring
      • Quality control
      • Unique identification of material and products
      • Warehouse inventory and stock movement records including stock of input materials and finished products
      • Batch Optimization
      • Virtual measurement -  values determination of hardly measurable or non-measurable quantities and their prediction

Data collection modules within the production process

  • Collection, archiving and provision of data throughout the entire production life cycle

Modules of processing and analysis of technological and production data

  • Economics of production process
  • Production analysis and optimization
  • Performance analysis - balancing
  • Cost and production models
  • Support for maintenance


ICONICS Inc.R.T.S. cs, spol. s r.o.
system integrator of ICONICS

R.T.S. cs is a partner of ICONICS in the projects where R.T.S. acts as an integrator and ICONICS provides automation software solutions that visualize, historize, analyze and mobilize real-time information for any application on any device.

What we offer

  • ICONICS software products
  • product related services, consulting, training, maintenance of your system
  • complex and partial solution of information system of production visualization based on ICONICS products

PI™ System

R.T.S. cs, spol. s r.o.
system integrator of OSIsoft

R.T.S. cs represents the American company OSIsoft on the Czech market since 1995, as a system integrator of its PI ™ System.

We have references of projects of systems for processing technological and production data in the Czech Republic and abroad.

What we offer 

  • PI ™ software products
  • services related to PI ™ products, consulting, training, maintenance of your system
  • complex and partial solution of production information system based on PI ™ system products
Our company specializes in the services in the IT field in order to offer clients comprehensive IT solutions. One of our activities is outsourcing of our specialists. We understand that many IT projects have problems with workforce planning, and hiring external experts is a convenient solution.

IT specialists we can offer for outsourcing:

  • Project Managers
  • Consultants, business analysts
  • SW architects 
  • Programmers
  • Database specialists
  • Testers
  • IT support and management staff

And others.

R.T.S. cs spol. s r.o. provides comprehensive hardware and software supplies from reputable manufacturers. We will supply and install our best hardware and software solutions. We are a partner of world suppliers of hardware and software. We have experience with delivery of PCs, laptops as well as equipment necessary for unambiguous identification of material (readers, etc.)

R.T.S. cs spol. s r.o. offers  external customer support to its customers and partners. In this area we offer all services related to the support of information systems operation. This offer is suitable for our clients where we deliver solution as well as independent service. 

In the projects where we deliver software solutions, our goal is not only to provide the customer with a quality product, including its application and testing, but also to support it.

We offer the following customer support options:

  • Hot-line - qualified telephone support
  • Email support - support implemented via emai

Would you like to get a solution tailored to your needs?